Send, receive, store and manage
digital documents and assets


Safe messaging
and file sharing

  • Digital signature as a proof of authenticity.
  • Encryption protects from unauthorized access.
  • Secure end-to-end encrypted messaging based
    on convenient email protocols.

encrypted emails

  • S/MIME and PGP digital signature identifies the sender and proves the authenticity of email contents.
  • End-to-end encryption protects email contents and attachments from unauthorized access.
  • Encrypted email for secure exchange of your important documents and cryptoassets.

Protection from
email-based attacks

  • Digital signature proves the identity of sender, preventing phishing, spoofing and other email-based attacks.
  • Automatic validation of email certificates prevents attacks via compromised email servers.

Network of trust for
email communication

  • Distributed certificate-based network of trust to identify and mark potentially malicious emails.
  • User’s address book displays additional information about confirmed and safe users.

NFTs right in your email

  • Make your email account unique with an NFT userpic, which works as an additional layer of authentication.

Free digital
certificate authority

  • Get free digital certificates for authentication,
    emails, and encryption.

Store and transfer cryptoassets

  • Connect a BTC or ETH wallet to send and receive cryptoassets and NFTs in a convenient email interface.
  • Seamlessly integrate cryptocurrencies into your workflow: sign documents with your wallet, send crypto-invoices, and receive payments in cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.